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It is always delightful to understand a country and its language.

Passwort – a name that speaks for itself. Without the right words, sentences, names or terms, we lack access to a language or culture.

Passwort is a language school situated in the heart of Zurich, offering qualified and
professional German courses for individuals and companies tailored to their individual needs.

In our German courses, you will be fully supported in learning the German language with a clear goal in mind.

To enhance your intercultural understanding, you will get to know the diverse culture and the system in Switzerland.

Many paths lead to Passwort.
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Learn German daily in a 2 week intensive course.
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Online course 'Welcome to Switzerland'
Learn German and how to communicate in Switzerland.
Topics such as language, culture, etiquette, work and education.
Improve your knowledge and start today.

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